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Gear-teeth, notched discs, sector-plats or discs with projecting lugs or both-heads can be detected by gear-tooth sensors and can provide speed, position, timing, direction, travel, or end-limit sensing, depending on internal configuration. They can be based upon solid-state Hall Effect or Magneto-resistance IC technologies for virtually infinite life, but alternately we also offer unique 2-WIRE ZERO-POWER-DRAIN models with TOTAL EMI/RFI IMMUNITY for some uses of relatively limited output life (up to 100+ million ops.).

We are experts in this field and have a history of successful supply (and technical pioneering) to many application-critical uses in high-reliability automotive, vehicle, aircraft and military uses.

Contact us for expert guidance on the sensor type and also the SENSOR TARGET DESIGN WHICH IS CRITICAL to cost-effective performance.

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